Welcome to Calveley Primary Academy

Calveley Primary Academy is ideally situated amongst the beautiful Cheshire Countryside. The school provides an exciting and stimulating environment in which all of our children are able to fulfil their potential. The day to day activities engage our learners and encourage them to do their best at all times. We are fortunate to have strong community support and there are always events being held at the school which enables us all to have fun. Our wonderful children are keen to welcome visitors to our school so you can see all that Calveley has to offer.

Beverley Dolman - Executive Headteacher


Calveley Primary Academy from the pupils' perspective:

Our beautiful school is set in the heart of the countryside; this enables us to take inspiration from our extraordinary surroundings. The vast learning opportunities at Calveley are endless for children of all ages and abilities.

There are numerous roles and responsibilities available to children every year; this develops our confidence, it gives us motivation to achieve and we have high aspirations of ourselves. Children at Calveley Primary Academy are extremely well behaved and well mannered.

The school provides an exciting and stimulating environment in which all children enjoy learning and thrive to their full potential. Our sports provision is great and we have regular sports competitions: sports hall athletics, football, cross country, hockey, tag-rugby, rounders, town sports and school sports days where all children can take part.

If you would like a tour of our beautiful school call the school office on 01270 685540 where either the Executive Head Teacher, Beverley Dolman or Head of School, Steve Torrie will be more than happy to show you around.


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Calveley Primary Academy

Executive Headteacher - Mrs B Dolman,
Calveley Green Lane, Calveley,
Tarporley, Cheshire

For all enquiries, please contact Mr Kier Glover.

Chair of Governors / Directors – Mr Dave Shaw

SENCO - Mrs Anna Pike - senco@actonceprimary.net

Tel: 01270 685540