ECO Work

Summer Term 2018

Our Eco Focus this year has been renewing our Eco Green Flag Award. This is a prestigious award that only a few schools in the country have achieved and looks at areas such as; waste minimisation, school grounds, energy, global citizenship and litter. Our Eco Council have been working hard to ensure that we have met all the criteria.

Our Bee Club has proved to be a great success with nearly half the school wanting to meet the bees in our Apiary.

Pollinators are currently reducing in numbers but are essential for the creation of may of our food products.We will be planting lots of bee friendly plants around the school so that they do not have too far too travel.

We wish to remind you that school would love your donations of old shoes and clothing. Also, any printer ink cartridges will be welcomed too.

Calveley Primary Academy top tips for how you can be environmentally friendly at home:
•    Turn off lights when not in a room
•    Don’t leave electrical equipment on standby
•    Only fill the kettle up with the amount of water you actually need
•    Use energy-saving light bulbs
•    Take more showers than baths
•    Cycle or walk instead of using your car

You may even save yourself some money too!!



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