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Visit Class 1

Class 1 is a mixed class of Nursery and Reception children taught by Miss Luke.

Both the Nursery and Reception children are given every opportunity to grow into independent and confident learners in a fun and exciting way.

We are committed to creating a stimulating environment in which each child can engage, thrive and learn.  Our classroom is set up to reflect the seven areas of learning with exciting and stimulating activities. We are very passionate about our outdoor area, and so are the children! Children in Class 1 learn through a mixture of adult- guided and child-led activities. Many children learn best outdoors so exciting and stimulating activities are created in our outside area to embrace and nurture the different learning styles of each individual child.

Our children determine what we learn throughout the year. We have regular "planning meetings" in which the children share their ideas and take ownership of their learning. Relevant activities and resources are then linked to these ideas.

Each child in Class 1 has an online Learning Journey. We use 'Learning Book' to collate pictures and videos of the children's development. This is linked to parents so they can see the progress of the children and what they have been doing in class.

All our children are individuals and we are committed to ensuring that each child receives the best possible start to his/her school life. We create a rich and caring environment in which each child can discover, for themselves, a lifelong love of learning.

Visit Class 2

Class 2 is a mixed class of Year 1 and 2 children taught by Miss Parry. 

Our classroom and curriculum are engaging, practical and exciting. The children develop a love of learning and develop their independence. 

Year 1 is the beginning of a more formal style of learning compared to their reception year.  Children are given "transition time" to allow them to get used to sitting at a table for more focused learning.  The teacher spends time explaining, showing and modelling how to complete tasks so that children are accustomed to the process and are able to work independently.  Writing tasks gradually increase in length, allowing children to develop their ideas and show what they are truly capable of.

In Year 2, the children are building their confidence in all areas of the curriculum and are becoming independent writers. They learn to problem-solve and develop their own way of working.

Maths, English (Reading and Writing), Phonics and Spellings are taught daily to the children. The children will also have Science, RE, Music, History or Geography and PE in the afternoons . Each term the children will have a new topic which will be embedded into all areas of learning.  In the summer term, children will also take part in a residential, helping to develop their confidence, independence and to learn new skills.

We recognise the important role parents play in helping with learning at home and are pleased to help with suggestions for activities to reinforce their learning at school.


Visit Class 3

Class 3 is a Year 3/4 class. Miss Lea is our class teacher

Maths and English are taught daily and cover a wide range of genres taken from the new curriculum. We enjoy reading and writing and we use our literary experiences to inform our creative writing. We love taking part in Accelerated Reader and gain a love of books and build our confidence in reading. 

Each term we have a new topic which is taught in a cross-curricular approach. Please see our class webpage where you can find more information on the current topic, a curriculum coverage plan for core and foundation subjects and a current newsletter. We love to learn through a fun, enriched and diverse curriculum and take pride in everything we do. We also enjoy learning outside the classroom whether that is somewhere in our stunning school grounds and surrounding area or on trips and visits.

It is important to us that our learning environment is an extremely positive one. We all know what makes a great classmate and we all strive to ensure that we make valuable contributions to ensure that everybody in our class has the opportunity to feel happy, safe and valued. We work well independently, in pairs and in groups. We all learn in different ways so we get the opportunity to participate in a range of activities. We respect each others' rights and celebrate our differences and are aware of responsibilities.  As we progress through Key Stage 2, we like to take on more responsibility, including looking after ourselves and each other. We all have a responsibility for a different job or area in the classroom and that helps things to run smoothly!

We hope you found this information interesting. Thank you for visiting!

Visit Class 4

In Class 4 we love to learn and have fun so we make sure we create the perfect balance every day for everyone!

Class 4 is a mixed year 5 and 6 class . Mr Torrie & Mrs Spencer are our class teachers.

Maths and English are taught daily and cover a wide range of genres taken from the new curriculum. Each term we have a new topic which is taught in a cross-curricular approach. Please see our class webpage where you can find more information on the current topic, a curriculum coverage plan for core and foundation subjects and a current newsletter.

The classroom environment is very important to us; we like to learn in our class because it's 'organised, interesting and we feel safe and happy'. Each term we create stimulating displays to celebrate our fantastic work and we continue to add colourful posters to our working wall displays, which support our learning throughout the year.

We value the importance of roles and responsibilities in Class 4 because they facilitate pupil voice, improve the school community and the local environment, develop our speaking and listening and make the school an enjoyable place to be for everyone. Some roles and responsibilities include Head boy and Head girl, school council, road-safety officers, recycling officers, library monitors, PE monitors and classroom monitors.

Every year children in Class 4 are given the opportunity to go on a number of residentials; these include a Calveley Primary Academy residential, the Arts Weekend and a Tarporley Community High School Transition residential. All of the trips are designed for the children with the aim of helping them grow into confident and sociable young people.


Outside Area

Our School Playground is a hub of activity for all our children. We have a morning, lunchtime and afternoon playtime in this area where the children are able to socialise and interact with children in all the different year groups, from Reception to Year 6. There are always two members of staff on duty during these times and the children have access to all the different areas and opportunities within it.

Garden Area

This is a quiet and tranquil area and is cordoned off from the hustle and bustle of the main playground. It has a picnic bench and water feature within it where children can go to relax and to ponder.

Nature Garden

Our Eco Group has created a lovely area within the playground to promote a haven for wildlife. We have bird feeders and bug houses to attract different types of wildlife into our nature garden. Small groups of children are allowed in at a time to observe what is going on in this area.

Outdoor Classroom

Our outdoor classroom is a great asset to our learning environment.  It is used regularly during playtimes, as well as lesson times to enable the children to experience outdoor learning. There is a stage area, blackboard, tables and benches with enough room to seat a class of children for inspiring outdoor lessons.

Friendship and Listening Benches

Our School Council decided that it would be a good idea to create a Friendship and Listening bench outside in the playground. The aim is to encourage children to develop friendships (old and new) and to have a place where they can go with a friend to listen to and resolve problems, if necessary. To distinguish between the two, the friendship bench is painted red and the listening bench is painted blue.

Football Pitch

This is an extremely popular part of our playground!  It has been professionally marked out with netball and football lines and this is certainly where all the action takes place!  Football games take place during playtimes and create a strong sense of team sprit and companionship amongst the players.

School Field

This is a great space in which to explore and play and is enjoyed by all children.  It has fixed goal posts and marked running tracks which are used for Sports Day.

PE/Sports Day

We have an annual Sports Day in which a range of activities are set up on the playground, football pitch and field. The children are put into teams and parents are invited to come and cheer the children on.


Our playground is open to the local community out of school hours. We are proud of our strong links with the local community and are happy to share our sporting facilities with them.

School Hall

We take pride in ensuring our hall is a bright and inspiring place to be. Each class owns a display board in which they display work that they have done in Class during the term.

Our School Hall is used for a variety of activities and these are outlined below.


It is the central place where the children have their lunch, whether they are a packed lunch or School Dinner. We have two sittings which rotates weekly as to when different classes go in for lunch. This allows the children to socialise with the different children each week and helps with their interactive and social skills.

PE and Music

We also have a weekly timetable for PE and Music activities which take place in our hall. We have a wide selection of PE resources which help with the teaching of PE. Such resources include benches, mats, gymnastic boxes and a wall mounted climbing frame. Specific PE lessons, which lend themselves to our hall environment such as gymnastics and dance take place in the hall each week.

Often, teachers have the opportunity to teach music in the hall to maximise the space and environment and use the music trolley which has a wide range of percussion instruments.
We currently use the hall for Wider Opportunities  where the Year 6 children have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument, woodwind, brass or percussion and are taught this through our links with the local High School.


We hold daily assemblies in the hall and each class has the opportunity to listen to stories, sing songs and celebrate their own work through celebration assemblies. Each term each class also performs a Class Assembly to the rest of the School and parents to show what they have been learning in class. We also have very strong links to our Local Church and every other week a member of St. David’s Church, Wettenhall, come to deliver an assembly to the children.

After School Clubs:

At Calveley Primary School we ensure a range of high quality After School Clubs each term. Between members of staff and outside agencies there is always exciting and engaging clubs running after school in the hall.
Our regular After School Club also use the hall between 3.15pm and 5.45pm where a range of activities take place. Each day is different with fun and exciting activities taking place.

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