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Calveley Primary Academy is part of the North West Academy Trust.

Members Board


To oversee the efficient and effective running of the academy trust.


  • Subscribers to the Memorandum of Association
  • Appointment of Governors
  • Staff employer and approver of contracts, pay and conditions
  • To conduct an AGM and sign off the financial accounts
  • To receive reports from the Board of Directors, including internal audit, EHT's performance management, teaching & learning standards and to hold them to account
  • To complete an end of year review for all stakeholders
  • To achieve role objectives as part of overall Directors' Plan as agreed by FGB


Calveley Academy exists to work together across our NWAT academies to build a firm foundation for every child's future, giving them the self-belief, resilience and wisdom to achieve their potential, in all aspects of their lives. The Governing Body provide confident and strong strategic leadership across Calveley Academy, leading to robust accountability, oversight and assurance for educational and financial performance. It has three core functions, which are:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • Holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils, and the effective and efficient performance management of staff; and
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent

The people who volunteer as Governors cover a wide range of professional sectors and therefore bring a wealth of independent experience to leading Calveley Academy.

Standards Committee


To ensure educational standards across the Academy Trust exceed the National Average and that all children make at least expected progress in all subject areas taught.


  • To monitor standards across Calveley Academy and ensure all pupils are attaining as well as they can
  • To complete an end of year review for all stakeholders
  • To achieve role objectives as agreed by FGB

Audit and Finance Committee

Pay Committee


The Membership of this Committee will be agreed by the Board of Governors.
The Chairman of the Committee will be elected by a quorum of the Committee members. The Head Teacher cannot take on this role. The membership will be four Directors with a quorum of 3. The Chair or Vice Chairs of the Board of Governors may be asked to attend meetings, in exceptional circumstances, to ensure the Committee is quorate.
The Committee will have the power to invite others, without voting rights, to give advice to the Committee e.g. personnel consultant. No other person paid to work at the school may be a member of the Committee. The head teacher must withdraw and not vote on his/her own pay or performance appraisal.

Terms of Reference:

  • To ensure the Performance Appraisal Policy is in place and reviewed annually.
  • To ensure the Pay Policy is in place and reviewed annually.
  • The Committee, in conjunction with the Head Teacher, will carry out an annual review of the salaries for all staff, including teachers on the Main Pay Scale, Upper Pay Scale and Leadership Pay Scale. The Committee will agree make pay recommendations to the Board of Directors.
  • The Committee, in conjunction with the HT, can make decisions relating to pay concerning post -threshold teachers in line with the pay policy and make recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval.
  • To ensure that a copy of the salary statement is issued to all teachers following a change to salary every year.
  • To ensure the setting and reviewing of targets for all staff takes place, via approval of anonymised targets.

HT Performance Management Committee


To lead the process by which the overall performance of the Head Teacher is formally and rigorously assessed annually in order to enable them to improve teaching, leadership and management that will positively impact upon the quality of outcomes for all pupils.


  • To appoint every 2-3 years a suitably skilled and/or experienced external advisor to assist with the HT's Performance Management Review
  • To set objectives with the assistance of the external advisor that will contribute to improving education for pupils.
  • To review performance annually against the job description, HT standards and objectives set with the assistance of the external advisor
  • To review and support the HTs professional aspirations and training needs
  • To review and facilitate the HTs work life balance
  • To complete a mid year review of performance against agreed objectives
  • To recommend pay progression to the Board of Governors based upon the outcome of the review and taking account of overall performance
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