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Class 3 – Year 3 / 4

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Teacher: Miss Toft
Teaching Assistants: Miss Wilkinson and Miss Williams

Summer term
Topic: History – Monarchy

Welcome to Sycamore Class, we are excited to have an exciting year filled with fun learning experiences.

We have started reading our new class text 'Into the Forest' by Anthony Browne. We have been writing setting descriptions and describing the characters feelings. Our writing outcomes will be to write a lost narrative and a newspaper report. The children will be using expanded noun phrases, similes, fronted adverbials and speech within their narrative. They will be introduced to alliteration and will create informative headlines.

Next half term our class text will be 'Seen not Heard' by Katie May Green. Our learning outcomes will be to create a character narrative.


Our first topic this term is fractions. We also will be focussing on decimals and time. The children will be using place value grids to compare decimals. They will then start to round decimals to the nearest while number and will use a number line to help them to position it. All children in Year 3 and Year 4 will have the opportunity to use practical resources within some maths lessons to consolidate their learning. All year 4 children will be completing the Multiplication Timestables Check (MTC) this year. It is important that they are practicing their timestables at home in addition to their learning within school.


This term in science we will be looking at the way humans and animals move. The children will be looking at the human diet and food groups. They will be comparing different muscles, production and their skeletons.

Please see our Knowledge Organisers and Topic Webs for further information about our studies this term.


This term in History, we will be looking at historical events that have had a significant impact within the United Kingdom. The children will identify our current King and how his life has changed over the past decade. We will celebrate the King's coronation and the importance of our British Monarchy.

We will continue with Geography after half term. Our topic will be looking at different settlements. The children will be able to name and locate different cities within the UK and use maps and atlases to locate different countries.


Sycamore class will have Brass lessons every Friday, ready to perform for their Halle concert in June. They will also learn how to sing a range of unison songs.

Important Notices:

Timestable club: 3.15-4.30pm every Monday (Miss Toft)

Please read with your child 4x a week and record this daily in their diaries. Reading at home makes an enormous difference to their comprehension and writing work in school. Children receive house points when they read 4 times or more a week at home.

Weekly homework will be:

- One writing task given on Friday to be handed in on Wednesday

- a maths question a day from Monday to Thursday

- a weekly spelling test on Tuesday.

- 30 minutes a week on TT Rockstars

- Reading 4x a week.

PE will be on a Monday and a Thursday. Swimming is every Tuesday.


What is the Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check?
The Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) is a key stage 2 assessment to be taken by pupils at the end of year 4 (in June). The purpose of the MTC is to make sure the times tables knowledge is at the expected level.

What to expect:
The MTC is an online test where the pupils are asked 25 questions on times tables 2 to 12. For every question you have 6 seconds to answer and in between the questions there is a 3 second rest. Questions about the 6, 7, 8, 9, and 12 times table come up more often. The questions are generated randomly based on the rules of the MTC.

How to prepare:
A good way to prepare is to start early and build a daily routine practising the times tables. With regular practice children will learn all the questions and gain confidence. We suggest practising 10 to 15 minutes a day for optimal results. Use the web links below.

Times Table Resources:
Times Table Rockstars – (soundcheck, at least 4 times a day)
Multiplication Tables Check – 2022 –
Times tables Speed Test X –
Times tables games – Learn them all here!
Times Tables Games for 7 to 11 year olds (
Test your Multiplication – Times Tables From 2 to 15 (
Multiplication Tables Check – Mathsframe

Useful website links:
RECOMMENDED READING LISTS FOR YEAR 3 & YEAR 4 (this is an excellent resource)
Online Reading Games
TT Rockstars
Online Spelling Games
Topmarks – Maths

Raising the profile of reading:
We want the children at Calveley to develop a genuine love of reading so we are raising the profile of reading across the school. The library area has never looked so inviting and exciting, the new variety of books on offer will stimulate the imaginations of all the children and we will deliver a reading-rich curriculum for all of our pupils. You may wish to continue the learning at home by borrowing books from the local library or purchase books from the recommended reading lists. The recommended books have been specially selected for your child's age range and for their literature, text features and design.

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