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"Real life learning for the real world in which we live"

How is our curriculum constructed?

There is a clear intent for the curriculum. We expect all of our children to be given opportunities to develop skills which have value and will support them in wider society. Additionally they will gain knowledge which is both relevant and purposeful to their lives. Our curriculum ensures every child will feel motivated, enthused and successful.
Our curriculum is made of three tiers: the academic tier, the local tier and the hidden tier. The academic curriculum is the delivery of the skills and knowledge taught for every subject. The local curriculum is what is important to our context – the real world curriculum, which is teaching the real life skills for career pathways in the future. These skills link to the topics being taught. Finally, the hidden curriculum are all of the other things that happen to broaden children's experiences for example, trips, residential visits, guest speakers, active 30.
We have specific aims for our curriculum:

  • give children real life skills that enable them to go out into the wider world prepared
  • make the curriculum specific to our local area and community
  • make the curriculum inspirational and fun
  • provide exposure to opportunities that develop skills that can be transferred in a range of subjects
  • grow life-long learners
  • teach children how to learn through the development of keen and inquiring minds
  • provide the knowledge and wisdom to adapt to a range of problems they will encounter throughout life.

Our curriculum will be implemented through a topic based approach which can be seen in the curriculum map provided.

How do we know if our curriculum is successful?

We believe the successful impact of our curriculum will be seen through:

  • positive attitudes and a curiosity towards learning in all of our children
  • the children having a sense of pride, accomplishment and confidence in all that they do
  • the acquisition of life skills and unique strengths enabling our learners to thrive in the modern world
  • confident children willing to take on the ownership of their own future learning
  • the ability to question and think critically in a variety of situations
  • clear progress in all subjects delivered as part of the Real World Curriculum.

How is our curriculum adapted for the varied needs of our learners?

Calveley Primary Academy is committed to meeting the requirements of the Equality Act 2020 and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014. Our curriculum aims to provide all pupils with the very best education and support, taught with consideration to the needs of all learners. It aims to build on each individual's knowledge, understanding and skills and inspire a passion for learning and a commitment to moving children forward in line with the next stages of their preparation for adulthood. Pupils follow a curriculum that is appropriate to their abilities and our SEND ethos places co-production and personalised learning at the heart of meeting individual needs. Our staff are provided with a range of training from specialists in the field of specific needs to secure best practice. Although further detail can be found in our SEND Policy, Information Report ("Our Offer"), and Accessibility Policy, some curriculum enhancements might include:

  • Planning which is based on individual children's prior learning and achievement
  • Access to additional resources to help 'make sense' of learning e.g. concrete resources in maths
  • Ensuring that our children know what to do if stuck, and are confident to ask for support
  • Proactive use of working walls and clearly accessible resources to aid independent learning
  • 'Kagan' learning to support cooperative learning with their peers
  • Sensory audits on classroom areas
  • Purposeful and appropriate teacher talk, e.g. instructions provided to individuals at a clear and appropriate level and by appropriate means
  • The use of visuals to support communication
  • Access to additional, specific 'enhancement' support with teacher and support assistants (e.g. Read Write Inc Catch Up, ELSA support, Speech and Language Care Plans, Occupational Therapy / Physio Care Plans)
  • Access to IT and technology
  • Assessment procedures that emphasis individual strengths, achievements and those which help to identify specific areas of need

Please see our year group maps and curriculum map for more information.Additionally, visit our subject pages for more information about our individual subjects.

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