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Our History Vision – comparing our world, past and present, through exciting first and second-hand experiences.

History at Calveley links children to the events, people and places of the past. This is done through enquiry based topics that excite children and engage them in their learning. The History curriculum is made up of a mix of skills and knowledge – the skills to explore, enquire and deduce as well as the specific knowledge of a time or event in history. Though the topics studied are the same for each year group (with the exception of the Spring term in Year B), each year group will focus on a different aspect of that topic so that learning is not repeated over each cycle.

Our topics build upon previous learning and children begin to gain a more in-depth understanding of our local history, the history of our country and the history of the world. By studying each topic, children build a wide understanding of the historical world around them, ensuring they leave the school ready for further learning in secondary school.

Our Principles of History Teaching
We know that great history happens in our school when:

  • Our curriculum relates to the real world, past and present.
  • Lessons are interactive and engage all children.
  • There are resources available which allow children to lead their own learning.
  • Children are aware of their place and role in history.
  • Children are excited by history and are proud of their achievements.
  • Children feel secure and confident in completing their own historical enquiries.
  • Children can apply other curriculum skills with purpose throughout history.
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