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Our Maths Vision – developing the mathematical mind through challenge, investigation, understanding and calculation and applying this, where possible, to the real world.

Our Principles of Maths Teaching

At Calveley, we encourage children to have a 'Mastery' approach to mathematics, by being resilient, co-operative, creative, and most importantly, by having a positive attitude to making mistakes and being determined to seeking solutions. We encourage all children to develop their own mathematical understanding through, reasoning and problem-solving skills. We strive for our pupils to be confident mathematicians who understand the relevance of the subject in their everyday lives.


  • Children will learn through a mastery approach, which is deep, sustainable and achievable for all.
  • They will have fluent knowledge and understanding of the number system with the ability to rapidly recall number facts, in addition to performing written and mental calculations efficiently.
  • They will develop factual, conceptual and procedural fluency through a concrete, pictorial and abstract approach.
  • Through a broad range of skills in applying mathematics, they will solve real life problems and reason about mathematical concepts and make connections.
  • When faced with challenges in new and unusual contexts, children will think independently and persevere, showing confidence in success through metacognitive approaches.
  • As children develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about maths, they will understand that it is a creative and highly inter-connected subjects.

Power Maths
Power Maths makes mastery practical and achievable by providing the structures, pathways, content and tools. To develop mastery in maths children need to be enabled to acquire a deep understanding of maths concepts, structures and procedures, step by step. Complex mathematical concepts are built on simpler conceptual components and when children understand every step in the learning sequence, maths becomes transparent and makes logical sense. Interactive lessons establish deep understanding in small steps, as well as effortless fluency in key facts such as tables and number bonds. The whole class works on the same content and no child is left behind.

Teaching and Learning
The school follows a mastery approach in its teaching and learning styles for mathematics. Our principal aim is to develop children's understanding, knowledge, skills and application of mathematical concepts and ways of thinking. This is to secure their fluency, problem solving and reasoning abilities. It is also to ensure that all children experience challenge and success in mathematics by developing a growth mind-set. Power Maths sessions are taught daily in each year group. Power Maths is a whole-class mastery programme designed to spark curiosity and excitement to help nurture confidence in maths. Children learn through using online learning tools which follows a consistent use of the CPA (concrete, pictorial, abstract) approach across Power Maths, which helps children develop mastery across all the operations in an efficient and reliable way.

Times Tables
Children in Year 4 will complete a 'Multiplication Times Tables Check' in the Summer term. Every class completes a 'daily practice' session within their maths session, which enables the children to practise every day for at least 10 minutes. It allows children to practice, consolidate and embed number work that they have learnt in their previous and current years.

Home work

'Maths in minutes'homework is used from Year 1 to Year 6. EYFS children start their maths homework in the Summer term. The homework is a way for children to consolidate learning which has been taught throughout the week in class. The mastery questions are given to children everyday to complete at home and then checked as a class with the class teacher the following day.

We also encourage children to use 'Times Tables Rockstar's' at home as this is a fun and progressive way to quickly recall their tables. Teachers can set specific times tables for your child to focus on at home. Each child has a login in their school diary.Willow Class focus on Numbots, this is a motivational maths programme which allows children to embed their numerical skills. Reception children will have a login in their school diary.

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