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At Calveley we provide a safe and supportive environment for building life skills, wellbeing, resilience and a strong sense of belonging to the school. We foster healthy relationships with peers, teachers and school staff, who are essential to children's positive experience of school and their emotional development.

At Calveley we believe that our comprehensive PSHE/RSE curriculum, has a vital role to play in:

  • Promoting the physical and emotional health and wellbeing of all our pupils:
  • Fostering respect for self and others and therefore contributing to community cohesion
  • Encouraging children to take responsibility for their personal safety
  • Normalising the physical and emotional changes which occur at puberty
  • Encouraging children to seek support if they are feeling unhappy
  • Teaching about healthy respectful relationships.

At Calveley we use the My Happy Mind programme. The programme is a science-backed programme and grounded in the latest science and research about what it takes to create positive wellbeing.

It is taught to every child with a curriculum for every year group from Early Years to Year 6. We also give you a staff wellbeing program and a Parent App too!

The myHappymind programmes are underpinned by 5 key philosophies:

1. Build Habits

All of our resources, lessons and activities support the formation of habits both at home and in school. Our approach is to 'train the teacher' which includes teachers in schools and parents so that the learning can be embedded into the everyday.

2. Enabled by the best technology

All of our programs are delivered using the best technology on the market. This means that the content is easy to access from anywhere and at any time.

3.Grounded in positive psychology and neuroscience

We believe in teaching the science and embedding habits around mental wellbeing in a fun and positive way. We give children the understanding and tools to cope when times get hard.


We think it's time to end the taboo on mental health which is why all of our content is delivered with the help of our fun characters who not only move and talk on screen but provide a powerful visual cue for the children!

5.A holistic approach

We passionately believe in supporting staff wellbeing alongside children's wellbeing, so our Primary School and Nursery Programs offer a full Staff Development Program and free parent app alongside the children's program.

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