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SENCo: Anna Pike

SEND at Calveley Primary Academy

At Calveley Primary Academy, our SENCO and whole school team are here to ensure that our children with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND) reach their full potential. Our SENCO, works alongside our children, parents, wider school team and professionals to ensure that children with SEND at Acton achieve their very best possible educational and other outcomes, and that our children become confident individuals armed with the skills required for successful transition into adulthood.

In addition to focused support aimed at specific educational outcomes, the SENCO and wider team support children to: make their own choices, help to prepare them for better transition between life stages, grow their independence, promote participation in wider society and place importance on keeping healthy.

Further information around our current offer for SEND is available to download at the
bottom of this page.

Who is the SENCO at Calveley Primary Academy?

The SENCO, or Special Educational Needs Coordinator, at Acton CE Primary Academy is Mrs Anna Pike. Working for the 'Real Life Learning Academy Trust,' she supports Acton CE Primary Academy, Calveley Primary Academy and also Bridgemere CE (Aided) Primary School. This combined approach enables extensive support and provision for children and families across these schools.

Mrs Anna Pike is a qualified teacher with more than 15 years experience leading and teaching across the primary age range. She holds the National Professional Qualification for Headship, the National Award for Special Educational Needs and has worked as a SENCO at a range of Cheshire schools.

Within the above ethos, the SENCO's role encompasses:

Overseeing the day to day operation of the school's Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) policy to make sure that all children receive a consistent high quality response to meet their specific needs.

Coordinating support (or provision) for children with special educational needs and disabilities, ensuring that provision is in place and fully supports individual children in meeting their key, long term outcomes.

Working alongside children, parents and carers to co-produce individualised support and provision within school.

Working with the wider staff team to support and advise on the 'Graduated Approach,' i.e. how best to support pupils across the continuum of need, from Universal to Complex requirements, and to provide continual professional development to ensure that staff are well supported to
confidently meet the needs of pupils with SEND.

Acting as key contact for liaison with other professionals, agencies and organisations who can provide specialist support for specific needs and requirements.

Work with the management team to advise on the deployment of school's budget
and resources.

If you would like to chat to the SENCO regarding your child, then please email directly to and Anna Pike will make contact as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can call or pop into the School Office who will then make contact with her.

Please do not hesitate to make contact our SENCO, Anna Pike, no matter how small the issue ... she will be happy to support!


Up to date news, links and resources are shared by the SENCO as SEND News items as above.

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