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Class 1 and 2 Storytime – Odd Dog Out

Odd Dog Out

Can you use the template (on the News section of the website) or draw and design your own 'Odd Dog Out'?
Nursery – Can you sound out dog like fred? d-o-g. When you decorate your dog can you label what you have done using the first sound of each item he is wearing?
Reception – Can you write a sentence about your dog? 'My dog has a hat on.'
Year 1/2 – Can you write a description of your dog? Tell us what they look like, they sound like, they smell like (hopefully not wet dog!).

Also, on the News item you can find a 'spot the sausage' and 'find the hidden words' for a bit of fun! Please don't forget to send us what you have done, we both love seeing it.

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