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Singapore Maths update

Thank you to everyone who has requested Singapore Maths login details to access parent guides at home for Y1-Y6.

If your class teacher has set any lessons from the textbook and/or workbook you can access the answers online. (Let's learn in the textbook). You will notice as part of this approach there are many possible ways to achieve the answer to the problem – these different methods are what we promote in our journaling at school!

As this is the first time many of you will have ever seen this online hub, please email your class teacher if you need any help or guidance. As a rough indicator for how a lesson runs, I have tried to produce a little guide below. There is also a parent's guide produced by Maths No problem which I have attached to this page.

In Focus Task – This is an investigative question children must work to solve independently. Children need to record multiple methods for solving the problem if possible. This should take around 10 mins and may involve some discussion.

Let's Learn – This is the 'teaching' part of the lesson. Children will go through the steps covered in the book for effective ways to solve the problem and address misconceptions. This will take around 5-10 mins as well. Children may also wish to re-visit their In Focus Task if they need to make corrections.

Guided Practice – This is where children do guided work to practise what they have just learnt. This may involve working together or letting them have a go and going back through it together afterwards. This could take longer or less time for some children, but somewhere between 5 and 15 mins is OK.

Workbook – Children then independently complete the questions in the workbook on the relevant page. (15 mins approx)

We are not just using Singapore Maths – your class teacher may set work from 'White Rose Maths Home Learning' and 'BBC Bitesize daily lessons' or other sources so check on their class page what they would like you to access.

We appreciate all the learning you have been continuing to do at home and all the email updates you have been sending us!

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